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Find below the most common issues and related solutions for your app. 

General / How to use

You can always write an email to support@moodsms.com and explain an issue or come with suggestions for improvements. We will be glad to help you 😉 Thank you!

There are many common issues why this might occur

  • Expired credit cards or old billing addresses are a common reason for payments not to work properly
  • Low card balance
  • No payment method defined for your Google account
    How to add a payment method to your Google Play account
    – On your Android phone, go to your payment methods in Google Play.
    – Tap Add a payment method.
    – Choose the payment method you want to add.
    – Follow the on-screen instructions.

If the above do not solve your problem, please contact support@moodsms.com and describe any error code or text displayed to you. Also describe what you are trying to buy

Please write to support@moodsms.com and explain what subscription you have bought together with the purchase number you received on the email when you bought the subscription. If the email used for the purchase is NOT the same as the one for writing to our support, you need to also mention the email or forward the email received when doing the purchase

Select the menu in Mood and select assistance – Then click on “start diagnostic” and run an MMS test.
If the diagnostic doesn’t find a solution, send a message to our support with the results which contain technical information about your issue.

If you find anything, just let us know in support. Please write what you did, what you saw and what you have expected then our team will look at it and try to help you.

If you have any antivirus, memory or battery saver installed on your device, please check in their settings that Mood is allowed to run. Add Mood Messenger to their White List if possible.

If you don’t find any potential interfering apps, open the menu and select assistance – if you see an orange button with a warning, click on it to identify them.

Some devices also suspend an app after a while when not actively used. You can go into your phone setting, battery optimization and add the Mood app to the list for not being suspended.

Unfortunately Mood no longer offers the possibility of synchronizing the app with a Huawei-type watch. This is due to the US ban of Huawei.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to retrieve a forgotten pattern/code.
You now need to reset the private mode:
1. Open Settings
2. Open Advanced
3. Click Reset Private mode. Your private chats will be deleted but you will be able to set a new pattern/code.

This feature isn’t available for SMS/MMS. You can only see if your recipient has received your message if the delivery report is enabled in the settings (SMS and/or MMS -> delivery reports).
In an SMS/MMS conversation:
✔️ One check mark indicates that your message has been successfully sent.
✔️✔️ A double check mark indicates that your message has been successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone.

You can delete messages this way:
Open a chat > Long press on a message and tap more messages you want to delete (or 3 vertical dots in the upper corner > “Select all”) > “Trash” icon in the upper side
You can delete the whole thread.
Go to Chats (Chat list) > Long press chat > Tap on “Trash” icon
Also you can swipe message or thread from right to the left and use menu bar (trash icon is also there)

Yes, dual sim is supported from Android 5.1 and onwards. Before 5.1 some devices have this dual SIM support and some don’t.
Mood displays the SIM receiving the message and you can also choose which SIM to use for sending.

Click on the “+” button in the typing zone and then tap either the gallery to select your picture or the camera icon to take a new picture. Before sending your picture, make sure that your data connection for your provider is set up correctly. If not it will fail.

To send SMS, it is necessary to set Mood SMS as the default SMS application.
To do this, open the settings in Mood > SMS/MMS > click on “enable SMS”.
If this does not work, open your phone settings > applications > mood > authorizations > check “SMS”.

To schedule a message, press the “+” next to the text zone and then “schedule”.
Select a date and a time, write your message and press the sending button.


You can customize the notification icon, just by following the steps below:

> Open app settings at the bottom right corner (the three dots)

> Notifications

> Customize notification icon

> Adjust into your own preferences

le Content

If you are experiencing not being able to see the text properly caused by the background, you can adjust the background opacity. Please follow the instruction below:

> Go to app settings at the down right corner(the three dots)

> Settings

> Chat options

> Chat background opacity – adjust up and down as you please

You can enable the delivery report in the app settings. Please follow the steps below:

> Open app settings by pressing on the three dots at the top right corner

> Settings


> Enable the bottom third option “SMS delivery report”

Now you should get a notification when a message has been delivered. Please note that some carriers charge a fee for delivery reports.

The app is made to send texts and MMS. It is possible to select one person, but also create a group for your messages.


> Send a text to several contacts at once. Each person will receive an individual message, and you will be the only one to get the replies.

> Create a group conversation via MMS. Each person get all answers. You can also reply to someone individually by long pressing on the message and clicking on the top right menu.

You can block/blacklist contacts you do not wish to receive messages from, or set the chat on “secret mode” to hide it.

In general, you can customize the chat into your own preferences.

> Open app settings (the three dots at the bottom right)

> Settings
> Personalize; Notifications; SMS/MMS
Here you can change the background (theme), choose a signature for your messages, adjust the notifications sounds, adjust the text bubbles and the notification sound, and much more.

At the home screen you can pin messages to the top. Give the message a long press and press on the pin at the top of the screen. 

In the settings you can choose themes, block, share, view your profile, go premium and get extra features.

You can also go premium by clicking “P” on the top left at the home screen.

Go premium 

The premium version will give you extra features like Google Drive restore and backup function, premium themes, message encryption and no ads.
You can also add extra emojis by clicking on the little yellow icon. You will be sent to the emoji store to buy awesome emojis.

Check mark

One tick on your text/MMS indicates that your message has been sent.

Two ticks indicate that your message has been delivered to the recipient’s phone.

Schedule a message

To schedule a message, press the “+” next to the text box, then press “Schedule.”

Select the date and time, write your message and press the send button.

Add images/GIFs/ect.

Press on the “+” to add images from your gallery or directly from the camera. You can also add YouTube links, video clips, GIFs, Google Maps directions, audio message, etc.

There are a lot of extra features and functions in Mood, so we recommend you go explore yourself to get to know it.

This can be caused by several things. Please try the steps below:

Subscription setup
Check the MMS settings in the phone settings and maybe also contact your phone provider regarding your phone subscription.

Contact your network operator. Sometimes there can be a breakdown which affects the functions on the phone, i.e. text messages, MMS, etc. You can also check on their support website.

MMS settings in the app
You have several options to adjust the MMS settings in the app. New phones are normally setup automatically for MMS, but if you have an older device, sometimes you need to contact your provider to get a MMS configuration send.
If you have been using Mood for a long time, you might have set it up manually in the past. Now having changed operator/phone it might not be valid anymore. In this case remove the manual setup.

Run diagnostics test for MMS
In the app settings you can run a diagnostic test for MMS. Open the menu > Assistance > Start diagnostic.
If the diagnostic does not come up with a solution, please send us the results which contains technical information about your issue.

You can adjust your profile picture as you please. This is how to do it:

> Go to app settings at the bottom right corner (the three dots)
> Profile
> Press on the pencil to edit
> Press on the pencil by the round “image” and choose a profile picture
Once you are done, you just go back. 

This is how you turn on the secret mode in the app:

> Open the message thread you wish to hide in secret mode
> Press on the three dots at the top right corner
> Choose “Secret mode”


> Swipe left on the chatlist on the message thread you wish to hide in secret mode
> A panel appears where you can see, among other things, a mask that symbolizes secret messages
> Press “Yes”

Et voilá! The secret mode is on for that contact/thread of messages.

To see the hidden messages, you need to press long on the pencil at the bottom right corner. Here you will be asked for the code/password you have previously chosen.
Enter the code/password and you will now be able to see your hidden/secret messages. To be hidden again, simply press long on the pencil again.

To pin a message, just swipe left on the message thread you want to pin – select the pin – now it will appear at the top of the chat list.


Give the message thread a long press and choose the pin at the top right corner.

Pinned messages will be places at the top of the home screen in that order they are pinned.


If you have issues for either sending or receiving messages you can run a diagnostic test. Go to the top right menu in mood/ app settings > assistance > and click on “start diagnostic” and run an SMS/MMS test? Then send a message to the assistance with the results which contain technical information that our support team can use to help you.

This is an internal Playstore error, we suggest to try out below :
Make sure you have enough funds available
Clear Google Play Store and Services cache, find how to here
Remove and add the Payment method again
Remove Google Account and add it again

This is an internal Playstore error. Please find how to fix this here

There could be many reasons why you see an error code. Please visit this Google link to see if any of these is valid for you and how to fix them